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Starts at

$5,000 / month

Director of Finance & 
Senior Accountant + Staff.
Modeling, GAAP, US payroll,
angel-grade reporting,
cap table management +++


Starts at

$6,000 / month

Strategic CFO & 
Controller + Staff.
Modeling, GAAP, int'l payroll, taxes,
VC-grade reporting,
cap table management +++


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Strategic CFO & 
Controller + Multiple staff.
Fractional or full-stack.
For mid-to-later stage and
uniquely complex startups +++


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Crunchfirm replace my bookkeeper?

Yes! While we are not a bookkeeping firm, Crunchfirm will usually handle the bookkeeping effort as part of our full-stack offerings. It is very important for both us and you to have best-in-class bookkeeping and historical accounting to better inform modeling and strategic efforts. We use accrual basis of accounting required under U.S. GAAP, and we believe that cash basis of accounting is not for high growth companies. Not on accrual basis now? No problem, we will convert your books from cash to accrual basis.

Do you do our taxes as well?

Yes, however we only work with C-corporations, so if you have a different entity construct, we are not your go-to firm. Also, we don't do taxes as a standalone service, but only in conjunction with our full-stack plans.

Do we need to have our own accounting and finance team in-house?

Not at all. We provide a full-stack solution which includes everyone from the CFO and controller, to back office accountants and specialists. In certain circumstances, we can augment your internal accounting and finance team, but we always step in as the CFO and we report to the CEO.

Who on our team do you interact with?

We work directly with the startup's CEO, and oftentimes collaborate with the COO and other executives and co-founders. In all cases, we report directly to the CEO given that our strategic guidance is of particular importance to him or her, and our premium offering deserves it is not delegated away to ensure the best outcome for your rocket ship.

Are you an interim or permanent solution to our finance and accounting needs?

In us, you get a long term partner. We partner for a minimum of 12 months and we can take you very far before you need to hire your own in-house team. We can serve you from Seed through Series C and beyond, and all the way through an exit. And, after working together for a while, we will have built your FinOps function to a point where it could be handed off with ease to your internal team, should you want to take that route. Our goal is to keep you a happy client for years to come and we are constantly scaling and adding offerings to our firm to scale with you and your needs.

Do you handle cap table management as well?

Certainly! We are a Carta partner and have an in-house Carta specialist on staff for all of your cap table needs. Just a note - we don't do legal stuff that we are not licensed for (we are not a law firm) but we are happy to work with yours our introduce you to one of the many we already work with for the complex stuff that only lawyers should do.

Does Crunchfirm raise capital on behalf of clients?

Nope. Crunchfirm will be an important behind the scenes partner in the fundraising process, but the actual fundraising efforts are on the founders' shoulders. We are not a broker-dealer and cannot facilitate fundraising. But again, we are surely here to help you with a successful raise!